The Story of SEEIN: Bridging Cultures with Korean Matcha

Nestled in the verdant, rolling hills of Korea’s most revered tea-growing regions—from the volcanic expanses of Jeju Island to the pristine, sunlit fields of Boseong County—lies the heart of a unique tea culture that is ripe for discovery. Korean matcha, with its robust and subtly sweet flavor, offers a distinct departure from its more renowned Japanese counterpart. It is here, in these landscapes imbued with tradition, that the story of SEEIN begins.

Jun, the founder of SEEIN, was born in Korea but moved to the USA at a young age. Growing up, he straddled two cultures, always seeking ways to connect his American present with his Korean heritage. This quest led him back to the tea fields of his homeland, where he rediscovered the rich, yet underappreciated, tradition of Korean matcha.

Unlike the smooth and sweet matcha of Japan, Korean matcha is known for its rustic, grassy undertones—a reflection of the everyday role it plays in local Korean life. Seeing the unique beauty in this tradition, Jun was inspired to introduce this hidden jewel to the global stage.


SEEIN, meaning ‘see inside of you’, was created not just as a brand but as an invitation—to pause, reflect, and connect with one’s inner self through the simple act of enjoying a cup of matcha. This ethos resonates deeply with Jun’s own journey of cultural connection and self-discovery, making SEEIN a deeply personal venture.


Dedicated to authenticity and quality, SEEIN sources its matcha directly from the artisanal farms of Korea’s most esteemed tea regions. Here, traditional methods that have been perfected over centuries are still used, including the careful shading of tea bushes and the meticulous hand-picking and stone-grinding of leaves into fine, vibrant green powder.

As SEEIN’s reputation grew, so did its following, attracting tea lovers globally who were eager to experience its distinctive taste and the story it told. On the “History” page of SEEIN’s website, Jun shares this narrative, inviting visitors to explore the rich tapestry of Korean matcha and the tranquility it brings.

SEEIN is more than just a brand; it is Jun’s way of paying homage to his roots while inviting the world to explore the lesser-known delights of Korean tea culture. Each sip of SEEIN matcha is a step on a bridge connecting cultures, a moment of peace, and an invitation to look inward and explore the depth of one’s own experience.

The SEEIN Promise

At SEEIN, we are committed to:


– The cream of the crop: only the finest, organic tea leaves from Korea’s most celebrated tea regions

– A brand that gives back: sustainable, eco-friendly practices that preserve the beauty of our tea plantations for generations to come

– A tea experience like no other: innovative blends and flavors that will invigorate your senses and elevate your daily ritual

– A community of kindred spirits: a place where tea lovers can come together to celebrate the art of self-care and rejuvenation


So come, discover the SEEIN difference, and embark on a journey of wellness, one sip at a time. Your tea adventure awaits!