Boseong: The Heartland of Korean Green Tea

At SEEIN, we take great pride in sourcing our green tea from the renowned Boseong region of South Korea. Boseong, known for its ideal conditions for green tea cultivation, produces some of the world’s finest tea, and we are excited to share with you the reasons why Boseong green tea is an exceptional choice for your daily cup.


The Perfect Environment for Green Tea


Boseong is a region where mountains, the sea, and lakes converge, creating a unique blend of oceanic and continental climates. The significant temperature difference between day and night in this area greatly influences the formation of amino acids in tea leaves, contributing to the distinct flavor and quality of Boseong green tea. The region accounts for approximately 37% of the total tea cultivation area in South Korea.


With an average annual temperature of 13.4°C and an average annual rainfall of 1,400mm, Boseong possesses the ideal climate for tea growth. The soil, rich in biotite components, further enhances the perfect growing conditions for tea plants.


Moreover, Boseong experiences a high number of foggy days, providing ample moisture to the tea plants during their growth period while also offering natural shading, which improves the taste of the tea. This combination of climate, soil, topography, lakes, and sea makes Boseong a heaven-sent location for cultivating the highest quality tea.


Eco-Friendly and Natural Cultivation


Boseong green tea is grown on hillsides, where tea seeds are sown and nurtured. While this method may be more labor-intensive and costly for producers, it ensures that consumers can enjoy superior quality tea with peace of mind, knowing that it has been grown in an eco-friendly manner.

The tea plants in Boseong are cultivated under conditions that closely resemble their natural habitat, which is why the quality of Boseong tea is recognized and appreciated worldwide.

boseong tea plantation

Certifications and Quality Assurance


To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, Boseong green tea undergoes rigorous sampling and inspection processes. The tea leaves are analyzed for key components such as free amino acids, which contribute to the tea’s unique taste. The region has also obtained numerous certifications, including organic certifications recognized by Korea and the EU, UTZ certification for sustainable farming practices, and certifications from the Korean Muslim Federation (HALAL) and Kosher authorities. These endorsements guarantee that every cup of Boseong green tea meets the highest standards of safety, sustainability, and purity.


The meticulous attention to detail in both cultivation and processing ensures that Boseong green tea maintains its world-class quality, making it a preferred choice for tea connoisseurs and health-conscious individuals alike.


Experience the Goodness of Boseong Green Tea with SEEIN


At SEEIN, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the remarkable benefits and exquisite taste of Boseong green tea. By choosing our carefully sourced Boseong green tea, you are not only treating yourself to a world-class beverage but also supporting the dedicated farmers who work tirelessly to maintain the eco-friendly and natural cultivation practices that make this tea so special.


For more information about Boseong green tea and its benefits, visit the Boseong Green Tea Plantation and explore the rich history and ideal growing conditions that make this tea so special.


Experience the essence of Boseong green tea with SEEIN and let every cup take you on a journey to the heart of South Korea’s finest tea-growing region. For more insights and updates on green tea, check out the Korean Tea Culture page and learn about the rich heritage and sustainable practices that make Boseong green tea a true gem.