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    Seein's single-origin selections from Jeju, Hadong, and Boseong, each with its own distinctive character

Teas from Natural, Organic Leaves

Indulge in a moment of pure bliss with SEEIN‘s exquisite teas, lovingly crafted from the finest organic leaves nature has to offer.

Each sip is a journey into wellness, vitality, and inner harmony.

Our Organic Farms In Korea

Jeju has unique agro-climatic conditions which contribute to the nutty aroma and creamy profile of tea.


Ocean fog covers the Jeju island and provides a natural shade that enhances the taste and color of tea leaves, creating a delicate flavor.

Hadong is home to a 1,200-year-old history of green tea plantations.


Hadong’s tea has a complex aroma and taste, characterized by mixtures of various genes from rustic wild tea bushes naturally grown in Jiri mountain.

Boseong is the largest tea producing region in Korea.


Boseong’s tea has a grassy and savory aroma thanks to its terroir, tea fields in rolling hills surrounded by cedar trees and bamboos.

What Our Customers Say

Honest Reviews from Satisfied SEEIN Tea Lovers

Amazon Customer

I thought I pretty much disliked matcha green tea because of its bitterness, but this ceremonial grade matcha completely changed my mind with its mild taste and smooth texture.

Amazon Customer

I really like the taste of this matcha vegan latte. It is smooth, pretty creamy and rich in flavor. The matcha flavor is strong and yet complex. The plant-milk is great blend of oat, soy and almond.